The Children of Children or Water, Inc. or MadElf Sound Design

Madmen & Dreamers

MadElf Productions, LLC is a production company, independent label and private recording studio. We specialize in original projects by storytellers who want to Make A Difference. We are the home of Madmen and Dreamers, the band that brought The Children of Children to audiences around the world and  is now launching Water, Inc.

The Children of Children

The Children of Children* is a rock opera whose subject touches nearly everyone in the western world. If you haven’t lived through it, you probably know someone who has.

It’s about divorce and its ultimate casualties; the children. It’s about survival and growth and making the best of terrible circumstances.

Water Inc. The Musical 

She owns the farms on top of the last clean freshwater aquifer. He owns the company that wants the water. They share a terrible secret.