“What an outstanding effort . . .


“The album is a classic :-)”


“Disc 1 is now in ‘heavy rotation’ in my car…. Rock on– “ Scott Cann of Superdupes


“I have received the opera and, wow, the scope of your work is remarkable! It is epic in proportions. Congratulations on the accomplishment. Although I do not have experience in this arena (the RRC is mostly theatrically based) I have taken the liberty to lend the disk to someone that I know who deals in music. He recently released a CD and has more music connections. I am happy to help in any way that I can. Clearly this work should be seen.”


  • Ken Freeman of the Red Room Consortium in New York City


“We played a couple of the first tracks and instrumentals, I will send you an email with the playlist very soon! I liked the whole concept thing. Not many people are doing this sort of thing. I tip my hat to you. And you can quote me on that! Keep up the good work!”


  • Tom Gagliardi of GAGLIARCHIVES RADIO 88.9/95.1FM PHILADELPHIA and com


“I plonked the head phones on in bed, closed my eyes and then was totally blown away, this is an Opus Magnus, love the orchestration, its a passionate, moving, provocative work of sheer brilliance. Whoever hears this will be completely hooked . . .”


  • Jason Grant, promoter/producer, Creative Director of St. George’s Playhouse.


“It may be one of the most memorable, timely and potentially influential pieces of artful commentary to come along in some time . . . “