She owns the farms on top of the last clean freshwater aquifer. He owns the company that wants the water.
Together they share a terrible secret. After all attempts at containment are exhausted, Demi and her husband, Will flee the fires out west to the farm where Demi grew up.

They are welcomed by Sophia, her mother, who is protecting the coop of local farms from the company that wants access to the last clean freshwater aquifer beneath them. Demi and Will are unaware of Sophia’s connection to Geier, the owner of the company and a tangle of relationships unravel as their terrible secret is revealed.

Why we wrote Water Inc. the musical

The problem is, large companies are buying up those water supplies for pennies to the gallon, bottling it and selling it back to us for a huge profit. They are also selling it to industry where it is often permanently polluted.

Water is the lynchpin of climate change. It’s the key ingredient of life and part of every living process on the planet. This made it the key to our story. Everyone needs it and we humans can only live three to five days without it.

As rains become more erratic causing both floods and droughts in diverse places, aquifers—huge underground reservoirs of water—are becoming our lifeline. They are vast, but finite and some take thousands of years to refill.
So we had the vehicle for our story. The last clean aquifer. The farms above it that are using the water to feed thousands. The company that wants the water to sell of to industry. Sadly, it’s happening all over the world and most people are completely unaware.

About the Composers

Mark A Durstewitz and Mario Renes have been collaborating since they met in college. Their friendship has grown along with their musical partnership, and both have worn many hats along the way, from writing to recording to all aspects of production. Christine Hull joined the team during the writing of The Children of Children, a rock musical which toured the NY/NJ area, appearing at Merkin Concert Hall and enjoying an Off-Broadway run at the Bleecker Street Theatre. The original cast album garnered rave reviews and radio play all over the globe. While developing and performing The Children of Children, they wrote and recorded the concept album Remembrance, upon which Water, Inc. is based. They have taken this story through a series of readings and sing throughs in preparation for full production. Their motto: “Artists are society’s immune system.”

Mark A. Durstewitz, the MAD in Madmen and Dreamers and MadElf Productions, is a creative juggernaut. A natural musician, prolific writer and published novelist with several award-winning short stories, he has found his milieu at the nexus of storytelling, music and technology. The digital studio is his domain. His primary instrument is piano, and he has played keyboards for many a band from southern to progressive rock, and many a project from studio to venue. Mark’s passion is bringing meaningful stories to the public and calling audiences to action to Make A Difference.
Mark A Durstewitz

Composer, Water Inc.

Christine Hull, the Elf in MadElf Productions and one of the Dreamers in Madmen and Dreamers, is a writer/composer and a NYC trained actress/singer/dancer. She is a published poet with a Bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre from the Hartt School of Music. She has appeared on New York and regional stages, as well as in film, television and commercials. She earned Outstanding Female Supporting Lead for her role in Starting Here, Starting Now. Chris’ mission is to bring depth to the character development and stories which has become the hallmark of Madmen and Dreamers.
Christine Hull

Composer, Water Inc.

Mario Renes, a madman and a dreamer in his own rite, conceived the spine of Water, Inc. His primary instrument is bass, and his ability to weave bass tracks into the fabric of sound betrays his classical training on piano and experience with woodwind and brass instruments. Playing in a variety of rock bands, he moved from covers to originals, which led him to Indie Music Productions, where he became a partner. His experience on both sides of the mic complements Mark’s integrative approach to the creative process. Mario’s vision is to make musical theatre an art form accessible to audiences of all demographics.
Mario Renes

Composer, Water Inc.

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